Amir Dezfulian

About Me

An enthusiastic technical problem solver with over 9 years of experience. I’m always looking forward to learn and tech everything to others. Known as Team Player with a keen affinity for a quality result, who works well under pressure, and exudes positivity and has with good communication and analytical skills. 


  • LocationGermany

What I Do

Problem Solver

Good at determining the cause of the problem; identifying, prioritizing, and selecting alternatives for a solution; and implementing a solution.


Taking care of system and infrastructure designing hybrid architecture and maintaining it


Lets automate everyting from CI to CD, Get Pipelines ready and keep it reliable, making software release speedy

Technical Support

Communicating with customers, reviewing technical needs and providing solutions tailored to their current budget and infrastructure



2021 - Present
imc Learning

DevOps Engineer

2021 - Present

Senior Technical Consultant

2018 - 2021

DevOps Engineer

My role & responsibilities:

  • Administration of Azure DevOps Server (New TFS Server)
  • Administration of Docker Hosts on-premise
  • Making Docker-Compose for variety of scenarios
  • Converting Existing Projects to Git repo (TFS to GIT)
  • Setting Up NEXUS repo manager as Docker Container
  • Proven ability to work well in a crisis and under pressure
  • Making our SaaS infrastructure Multi Datacenter
  • Powershell Scripting for Post Build action in CICD Pipelines
  • Bash/Python Scripting
  • creating set of tools for making CICD Pipelines come true based on our very complex scenarios
  • Using Terraform for build docker container on the fly with one click
  • Getting our SaaS platform ready for Grafana
2016 - 2021

Information Technology Technical Consultant

My role & responsibilities:

  • Analyzing Current IT system and Flows based on ITIL and ITSM
  • Diagnosing IT system problem, inefficiencies and weakness
  • Manage installation and setups of solution, updates and data flow
  • Provide advice on technology and best practices
  • Provide advice on security structure and best practices
  • Monitoring the success of IT solutions deployment
2016 – 2021

Senior Technical Support Specialist

My role & responsibilities:

  • Find solutions to new technical problems that have not been seen before, disorders found Storage Infrastructure (SAN, Local RAID Controller, DAS, NAS), Or HyperVisor Layer (such as VMWare, KVM), Network layer such as Firewalls (MikroTik, Kerio, …), WAFs (FortiWeb, F5-BigIP, ArvanCloud, …) and operating systems (Linux, Windows) and finally Database Severs (MS-SQL, REDIS,..)
  • Design and implementation of High Availably and Disaster Recovery architectures for software
  • An eye for security issues (server hardening, OTP, SSL, VPN)
  • Direct communication with the development team to improve the software implementation conditions and modify the technical parts of the software for communication with external systems, MailServers, APIs
  • Modify Software installation tools and processes
  • Prepare Draft Proposals, Contracts, SLAs Selling Cloud-Based SaaS Product for the first time, and Combine and Create Tools for making it happen and now we are one of the best ERP providers in Iran that is cloud-friendly
  • Provide LOM for server and Technical architecture for Enterprise customers who have a large number of users, including Database Cluster, Web Traffic Load Balancers, and Multiple Server Farm, WAF, Firewall, Cold and Hot Disaster Site Implementation.
  • High availability With Microsoft AlwaysOn for SQL Server
  • Web Traffic Load Balancing with KEMP, ARR, NGINX, DNS, ArvanCloud
2014 - 2016

Technical Support Specialist

All of our thousands of customers used our on-premise version, it was our team’s duty to maintain the servers and implement the HA/DR architectures and adapt that architecture to the customer’s infrastructure.

2014 - 2016
Jahanpars Group

Network Engineer

As a network engineer in one of the refinery construction projects
establishing always-stable connections between the project site (which was placed of the gird) and the Internet and the company's headquarters in Tehran to transfer highly sensitive data to the Employer

We used a Mesh and Multi-Uplink Point-to-Point architecture, OSPF Routing to achieve requested Uptime.

very attractive for me to engage with the technical challenges to achieve the SLA desired by the Employer.


Cloud Hosting Expert

Investigating SQLServer over VMWare problems while, using Golden Templates to solve most of the identified problems I upgraded my SQL Server Administration skills to meet the needs.

2013 - 2014
Maroon Karan Co.

Network Engineer

Because of the clutter and lack of standards, the first thing I planned was to create MPLS trunks using OSPF between data centers
creating security layers on the Edge of the network.

2009 - 2010
Rased ISP

Network Engineer

Here, most of the manpower was spent doing repetitive tasks in the network configuration of network devices such as Cisco, Dlink, MikroTik, Juniper, where I tried to create a central result-oriented process and have all the settings integrated into predefined scripts.
made documentation for our standards and procedures of the networks and infrastructure devices.
Creating integrated monitoring problems such as hardware failures and routing problems OSPF, BGP, MPLS


2014 - 2018
IAU Qazvin Branch

Master's degree - Information Technology Engineering - Computer Networks

Thesis Title: Smart Distributed HTTP Load Balancer Based on Web Servers Load by Software Defined Networking (SDN)

2008 - 2012
IAU Mahshahr Branch

Bachelor's degree - Information Technology Engineering

Research on Cloud Technologies


  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Eager to learning
  • Multitasking
  • Networks
  • Working under pressure
  • Problem-Solving
  • ITIL Certified
  • Office365
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Docker
  • GIT
  • Jenkins
  • Bash
  • Python Scripting
  • Powershell
  • LPIC
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud practitioner
  • MYSQL Administration
  • MS-SQL Administration
  • CCNA
  • MikroTik
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional
  • VMware Certified Professional
  • Active Directory
  • CloudOps